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6 окт. 2011 г.

Thank You, Steve

I have a nasty habit of checking news and emails the moment I open my eyes, still in bed.
I didn't have to do it today, the news woke me up. 
At 5 am I started to get FB messages. I wanted to ingore them until my usual 7 am wake-up call, but after the 5th message I had to give up. They all had different links, but this was the one I opened the first looked at.

Needless to say, I was devastated.

There are three apples that have changed the world. The first one was eaten by  oh-not-so-innocent Eva. The second hit Newton so hard he became even more genius then he'd been before. And the third one just caugh  the eyes of Steve Jobs, when he was in pursuit of a name for his new company.

He has changed so much. Before, almost all the technology was developed for the miliraty sake. Steve not only created the new concept of a personal device, but he also shared it with everybody else. He was a fountain of ideas, endless and brilliant. Until the very last day he was thinking about the ways to outdo himself, make his own creations even better.

Some say, that his illness was the punishment for the way he'd been acting during his life, the punishment for dishonesty and lies. But what I say - whatever he'd done made him who he was: THE Creator of a whole new are and lifestyle, the sourse of the future. 

On Discovery Channels and such we can see hundreds and hundreds of absolutely breath-taking inventions, but they are not available for anyone yet, and who even knows when they will be. Steve, on the other hand, not only invented the future and put it in a wonderful design, but he GAVE the FUTURE to us. Presented it from the stage. Smiling and being proud of the fact, that he is changing the world forever.

When I got iPhone 4 (my second Apple device) I actually became interested in a person "responsible" for my new addiction. Steve is worth ofbeing looked at as an icon. He was an uber-smart invetnor, creative and restless, a clever businessman, and an interesting personality. His speeches are torn apart for quatations. His spirit is contagious. I hate saing "was contagious" as I still believe it is. He'll continue to inspire our generation. At least, some of us, and I am among those inspired.

PS Everybody is posting pistures of Steve Jobs. This one has been my favorite for a long time. 

"Steve is not dead. He is in the iClouds, looking on us and smiling."

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