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10 окт. 2011 г.

I Am Mad

... at my mom. Really, seriously pissed.

Not to give away the dirty details of the quarrel... she got a bit drunk, offended me, and the day after I, at first accidently, and then on purpose gave in all away to dad. And now she is mad at me too.

She's always been a good friend to me. Often she didn't even act like mothers should, she was truly like my best girlfriend. 

So I didn't expect her to say all those things to me, even under alcohol. She had always been so self-controlled and wise. And though she claimed she wasn't drunk at all (c'mon, nobody ever confesses they are!) she acted like a total bitch. And so she got my revenge on her, I couldn't stop it.

I know that we'll make up in time, but it'll probably never be the same. The trust we had is gone. I am all grown up, this bond doesn't feel necessary anymore.

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