I love writing. And i hope that one day I'll make doing it good the main goal of my life. Until that this blog is my practice. And perfect practice makes perfect, right?

21 сент. 2011 г.

I am tired of sneezing :/

I am .... -ahchoo! - so done with it!!!
Fall traditionally is everbody-is-sick season. Everybody, but me! But eventiually all rules get broken - and this one is not an exeption.


That's why the whole day was just one big blur for me - you know, it's like you are watching a stupid movie, where the main hero looks like you, but acts like an idiot. I was that idiot.

But, what makes me happy, I have NO SCHOOL tomorrow! They call it the Health Day (happens once a year though, like we don't need it all that often), I call it Let's Sleep day.

Sleep?! Who said sleep? It sounds so good right now.

Good night!

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