I love writing. And i hope that one day I'll make doing it good the main goal of my life. Until that this blog is my practice. And perfect practice makes perfect, right?

30 сент. 2011 г.

Name Day - Almost Birthday :)

According to Wikipedia "name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one's given name." Even I couldn't have said this better.

So, today is my name day. Long time ago this day was celebrated like a birthday, with dinners and parties, presents and fun. But in the XXI century - not anymore. The only festive thing I have on my table is the bright-blue SAT Prep book. And a lot of vocab cards. I am slowly becoming  a nerd... but as long as it helps me to get into college, I guess I am fine with it.

The other thing on my mind right now is my upcoming actual 18th birthday!! Oh, the air of freedom... I've been torn apart between a glamorous party (like last year) and something active and fun. The struggle went on for a long time, and guess who won! 

It looks like we are going to have a Boys vs Girls Paintball Match! Invitations will be send out a bit later, as well as the wish list will be published. 

And now I have to get back into my nerd-ish "state of mind" and keep fighting SATs. Wish me luck! 

22 сент. 2011 г.

21 сент. 2011 г.

You know what connects people? Nope, not nokia. Not even vodka.

Skype does :)

I am tired of sneezing :/

I am .... -ahchoo! - so done with it!!!
Fall traditionally is everbody-is-sick season. Everybody, but me! But eventiually all rules get broken - and this one is not an exeption.


That's why the whole day was just one big blur for me - you know, it's like you are watching a stupid movie, where the main hero looks like you, but acts like an idiot. I was that idiot.

But, what makes me happy, I have NO SCHOOL tomorrow! They call it the Health Day (happens once a year though, like we don't need it all that often), I call it Let's Sleep day.

Sleep?! Who said sleep? It sounds so good right now.

Good night!

20 сент. 2011 г.


I can barely believe that it's been 10 years since I first saw the movie. I remember that time - the story seemed like a fairytale and (since I was 7) I  didn't really understand what happened in that car :D 

I remember how I as crying my eyes out... The only difference is that back then I wasn't thinking about ruining my make-up (: now I was, but it still did't stop tears from running down my face (after all, waterproof mascara is a great thing!).

Though the love-making  scene was not the only one I did't understand all the way back in 2000, I still loved the movie, the song, the story itself. The age, too - sometimes it seems like I've lived in the beginning of the XX century, I feel like I could have been very comfortable keeping that mindless chatter of the exquisite society, dressed in a rich gown and with a gorgeous up-do. Maybe, the reincarnation theory is not nonsence.

Jack (as a character played by pretty little Leonardo - oh, he looked so sweet!) said one very memorable thing : ". I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count. "

Lifу really is a poker game. Not in a sence that we should wear a "poker face" mask. We should gamble. Take a risk. Reach the horrizon, or at least try. 

P.S. BTW watching Titanic wasn' t just my out-of-the-blue desire - I actually went to a movietheatre (: It shows international movies once a week in their original  language, what I am quite excited about, because the translations and voice-overs usually suck. The next movie is gonna be The Shawshank Redemption, and I'm definately gonna see it.

Good Day (:

You know how sometimes you just have one of those days? The horrible weather doesn't bother you (after all, what scarfs and drivers are for?!), school is easy (yet boring, but still bearable), and the most important thing - your hair isn't messy! 

I've been asked since I was 4, if I curl my hair. NO I DON'T.  But I style it, so I don't look like somebody with a poorly done afro (that is exactly what I am after the shower).

And sometimes it's too stubborn and it just doesn't lie down the way I want it too - and it's a bad hair day. And when it's  a bad hair day - everything goes wrong. The funny thing is - it doesn't matter how I feel about my hair this particular day, it still looks the same to everyone else. Yes, I know, I am weird.

So, what was I talking about?...

Yes, today is a good day (: 

I think I should have been doing a video instead of starting a blog. But let's face it - I write better than I speak. Even on my good days.
I am not sure yet what this blog is going to be about. But it will most definately cover my life, my interests and my thoughts. I think, it's enough for the beggining.