I love writing. And i hope that one day I'll make doing it good the main goal of my life. Until that this blog is my practice. And perfect practice makes perfect, right?

4 дек. 2011 г.


Yeah, it feels good to be back... The reason, why I've been away from YouTube and the blog was the SAT I had to get ready for in less then 5 weeks :D So, these three books were the only company I enjoyed for a month!

And I still have to take TOEFL next Sunday.
And finish the college applications before Christmas.

I feel like such a geek right now :D 

But it's all gonna pay off once I get into a university!

10 окт. 2011 г.

I Am Mad

... at my mom. Really, seriously pissed.

Not to give away the dirty details of the quarrel... she got a bit drunk, offended me, and the day after I, at first accidently, and then on purpose gave in all away to dad. And now she is mad at me too.

She's always been a good friend to me. Often she didn't even act like mothers should, she was truly like my best girlfriend. 

So I didn't expect her to say all those things to me, even under alcohol. She had always been so self-controlled and wise. And though she claimed she wasn't drunk at all (c'mon, nobody ever confesses they are!) she acted like a total bitch. And so she got my revenge on her, I couldn't stop it.

I know that we'll make up in time, but it'll probably never be the same. The trust we had is gone. I am all grown up, this bond doesn't feel necessary anymore.

About Formality

We live in the society full of those weird so-called rituals we have to follow. 

One of the stupidest are the ones of greetings and goodbyes. I mean, seriously, why do all that pretence! A kiss on a cheek has become automatical. As well as a good-bye hug. And usually I feel that it is a necessary gesture, something I had to do to end the meeting. 

But now I am starting to notice how formal it all is. Hello, it was not a hug, you've barely touched me, looked somewhere away and I didn't even hear your goodbye. To be honest, we haven't spoken a word to each other the whole day. So you know what, put this formality aside and just don't touch me.

From now on all the physical contact is reserved for my friends only. Otherwise I feel too weird pretending.

9 окт. 2011 г.

TinyTower Addict Cured

 I tend to get addicted to silly games. And because I know this, I try not to start playing. But this one game... it stole almost 5 months of my life!! 

It's called TinyTower, and the goal is to build floors, get people to move in, get them a job they'd like to have,  earn money out of this...and make a new floor! Over, and over, and over 

At first I wanted to stop after the 50th floor. But when I reached it, I was in Miami, laying on the beach with pretty mush nothing to do, so I decided to keep going. 

And now, after the 100th floor is done, and all enterprises are closed and I am not making any money, I can proudly say, that I am DONE!!!

6 окт. 2011 г.

Thank You, Steve

I have a nasty habit of checking news and emails the moment I open my eyes, still in bed.
I didn't have to do it today, the news woke me up. 
At 5 am I started to get FB messages. I wanted to ingore them until my usual 7 am wake-up call, but after the 5th message I had to give up. They all had different links, but this was the one I opened the first looked at.

Needless to say, I was devastated.

There are three apples that have changed the world. The first one was eaten by  oh-not-so-innocent Eva. The second hit Newton so hard he became even more genius then he'd been before. And the third one just caugh  the eyes of Steve Jobs, when he was in pursuit of a name for his new company.

He has changed so much. Before, almost all the technology was developed for the miliraty sake. Steve not only created the new concept of a personal device, but he also shared it with everybody else. He was a fountain of ideas, endless and brilliant. Until the very last day he was thinking about the ways to outdo himself, make his own creations even better.

Some say, that his illness was the punishment for the way he'd been acting during his life, the punishment for dishonesty and lies. But what I say - whatever he'd done made him who he was: THE Creator of a whole new are and lifestyle, the sourse of the future. 

On Discovery Channels and such we can see hundreds and hundreds of absolutely breath-taking inventions, but they are not available for anyone yet, and who even knows when they will be. Steve, on the other hand, not only invented the future and put it in a wonderful design, but he GAVE the FUTURE to us. Presented it from the stage. Smiling and being proud of the fact, that he is changing the world forever.

When I got iPhone 4 (my second Apple device) I actually became interested in a person "responsible" for my new addiction. Steve is worth ofbeing looked at as an icon. He was an uber-smart invetnor, creative and restless, a clever businessman, and an interesting personality. His speeches are torn apart for quatations. His spirit is contagious. I hate saing "was contagious" as I still believe it is. He'll continue to inspire our generation. At least, some of us, and I am among those inspired.

PS Everybody is posting pistures of Steve Jobs. This one has been my favorite for a long time. 

"Steve is not dead. He is in the iClouds, looking on us and smiling."

1 окт. 2011 г.

Fall Full of Gold

After being stuck at home for a week with only books and studies, I've decided to dress up a bit. Todays plan: School Fall Fair, cafe with friends and a birthday party. Well, Sandro Ferrone dress should serve all of the purposes :)

 well, doesn't the park look magnificent?

 Halloween is closer than you think!!! This thing almost scared me

 Ugh, delicious cinnamon ginger drink...

30 сент. 2011 г.

Name Day - Almost Birthday :)

According to Wikipedia "name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one's given name." Even I couldn't have said this better.

So, today is my name day. Long time ago this day was celebrated like a birthday, with dinners and parties, presents and fun. But in the XXI century - not anymore. The only festive thing I have on my table is the bright-blue SAT Prep book. And a lot of vocab cards. I am slowly becoming  a nerd... but as long as it helps me to get into college, I guess I am fine with it.

The other thing on my mind right now is my upcoming actual 18th birthday!! Oh, the air of freedom... I've been torn apart between a glamorous party (like last year) and something active and fun. The struggle went on for a long time, and guess who won! 

It looks like we are going to have a Boys vs Girls Paintball Match! Invitations will be send out a bit later, as well as the wish list will be published. 

And now I have to get back into my nerd-ish "state of mind" and keep fighting SATs. Wish me luck! 

22 сент. 2011 г.

21 сент. 2011 г.

You know what connects people? Nope, not nokia. Not even vodka.

Skype does :)

I am tired of sneezing :/

I am .... -ahchoo! - so done with it!!!
Fall traditionally is everbody-is-sick season. Everybody, but me! But eventiually all rules get broken - and this one is not an exeption.


That's why the whole day was just one big blur for me - you know, it's like you are watching a stupid movie, where the main hero looks like you, but acts like an idiot. I was that idiot.

But, what makes me happy, I have NO SCHOOL tomorrow! They call it the Health Day (happens once a year though, like we don't need it all that often), I call it Let's Sleep day.

Sleep?! Who said sleep? It sounds so good right now.

Good night!

20 сент. 2011 г.


I can barely believe that it's been 10 years since I first saw the movie. I remember that time - the story seemed like a fairytale and (since I was 7) I  didn't really understand what happened in that car :D 

I remember how I as crying my eyes out... The only difference is that back then I wasn't thinking about ruining my make-up (: now I was, but it still did't stop tears from running down my face (after all, waterproof mascara is a great thing!).

Though the love-making  scene was not the only one I did't understand all the way back in 2000, I still loved the movie, the song, the story itself. The age, too - sometimes it seems like I've lived in the beginning of the XX century, I feel like I could have been very comfortable keeping that mindless chatter of the exquisite society, dressed in a rich gown and with a gorgeous up-do. Maybe, the reincarnation theory is not nonsence.

Jack (as a character played by pretty little Leonardo - oh, he looked so sweet!) said one very memorable thing : ". I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count. "

Lifу really is a poker game. Not in a sence that we should wear a "poker face" mask. We should gamble. Take a risk. Reach the horrizon, or at least try. 

P.S. BTW watching Titanic wasn' t just my out-of-the-blue desire - I actually went to a movietheatre (: It shows international movies once a week in their original  language, what I am quite excited about, because the translations and voice-overs usually suck. The next movie is gonna be The Shawshank Redemption, and I'm definately gonna see it.

Good Day (:

You know how sometimes you just have one of those days? The horrible weather doesn't bother you (after all, what scarfs and drivers are for?!), school is easy (yet boring, but still bearable), and the most important thing - your hair isn't messy! 

I've been asked since I was 4, if I curl my hair. NO I DON'T.  But I style it, so I don't look like somebody with a poorly done afro (that is exactly what I am after the shower).

And sometimes it's too stubborn and it just doesn't lie down the way I want it too - and it's a bad hair day. And when it's  a bad hair day - everything goes wrong. The funny thing is - it doesn't matter how I feel about my hair this particular day, it still looks the same to everyone else. Yes, I know, I am weird.

So, what was I talking about?...

Yes, today is a good day (: 

I think I should have been doing a video instead of starting a blog. But let's face it - I write better than I speak. Even on my good days.
I am not sure yet what this blog is going to be about. But it will most definately cover my life, my interests and my thoughts. I think, it's enough for the beggining.